woensdag 23 maart 2011

The Knux - Floozy

L.A. hip-hop duo The Knux is back, and their return is marked by a new sound. Giving a hint of what their follow-up to 2008's excellent Remind Me In 3 Days... will sound like, "Floozy" is rap-rock, but there's no odor of Limp Bizkit here. The guitars are less metal and more glam rock, with The Knux providing a galvanizing chorus as fitting in a club as at a sports game. What's more impressive is how firmly the duo keep their punchline-heavy, melodic flow intact while trying to flow over a rock backing where rapping seems to have no place. Like The Neptunes in 2002, The Knux's next album promises to be a shift in perceptions of how a fusion of hip-hop and rock can sound, corralling the styles and tempos of other genres previously thought to be an impossible fit. But, as it turns out, they fit pretty well.

(Photo: Dan Monick)


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